Atlas Rate Request Generator
The Dartmouth Atlas provides reports and publications, and interactive tools to view region specific data and perform comparisons and analysis of the United States health care system using Medicare claims data

About the Atlas Rate Generator

The Atlas Rate Generator allows the ability to obtain cross sectional rates of Medicare data efficiently. (Read more >)
Data Files
The Denominator file contains 100% population beneficiary demographic and enrollment information. The Master Beneficiary Summary File (MBSF), which replaced the Denominator file in 2009, is available. (Read more >)
Data Availability
The Denominator file is available from years 2002-2009. The Master Beneficiary File (MBSF) is avaiable from years 2009 forward. (Read more >)
The Atlas Rate Generator is limited to producing cross sectional rates. Some requests involving the Part B carrier file require separate run requests. (Read more >)

Request Process