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Our experts and consultants

Elliott Fisher, MD MPH (Director) web page

Implications of regional and provider variations in practice and spending; alternative payment models; health policy; regional approaches to health care reform.

Anna Tosteson, ScD (Co-Director) web page

Patient- centered comparative effectiveness research, economic evaluation, decision-analytic modeling, enhanced claims research, technology assessment, musculoskeletal diseases, cancer and women's health.

David Goodman, MD MS (Director, Atlas Rate Generator) web page

Methods in multi-level and contextual analyses; methods in using Medicare and All Payer Claims Data health claims; comparative health systems; the application of small area analysis into the theories, methods, and implications of the causes and consequences of unwarranted variation in health care capacity and utilization.

Nancy Morden, MD, MPH web page

Pharmacoepidemiology and translational pharmaco-vigilance using Medicare Part D data, prescription benefits and prescription access policy, impact of payment model on prescription drug use, reverse translation.

Jeff Munson, MD web page

Translational pharmaco-vigilance research using Medicare Part D data.

Tracy Onega, PhD MS MA web page

Enhanced registry data infrastructure and geoinformatics.

Jonathan Skinner, PhD web page

The economics of government transfer programs; regional variations in health care utilization, spending, and outcomes; health care technology growth; and disparities in health care.

Stephanie Tomlin, MS, MPA (Associate Director of DAC Operations)

Operations/project leadership, Medicare program, data & claims research, organizational development.